ToddleRoad Metropolis

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Set of flexible extra large elements that connect easily and are safe for toddlers to build grand city and play with any cars you want.

Our tracks are 10 cm (3.9 in) wide - perfect for all vehicles of your child. We made them from silicone and they really look like roads: black with white lines and pavement markings. You can have bus routes thanks to the bus stops included in the original set, You can build crossroads or roundabouts - whatever You chose. 

ToddleRoad Metropolis street is about 6 metres long (almost 20 ft) and has 26 extra large elements: 14 straight streets (the longest element on the market: 29 cm / 1 ft) including four with bus stops and pedestrian crossings, four curves and eight T crossroads, that allow You to build a roundabout.

We packed it in a box that is part of the toy: with carpark inside and more roads on the outside. The box as a part of the toy was also tested and is suitable for play even for toddlers.

Age: 1+

Dishwasher safe: yes (up to 50°C / 122°F )

Track length: 6 m (almost 20 ft)

Number of elements: 26 + carpark