Kubbar - Blokki Blár

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This fun balancing game is not only great for developing motor skills, it also stimulates logical thinking and building skills!

How high can your little one build and what crazy figures will they create? 3 of the blocks have a playful face so kids can let their imagination run wild and make up all sorts of stories. Multifunctional and open-ended play at its best!

  • Soft foam stacking toy
  • No noise blocks
  • BPA, phthalates & latex free
  • 10 pieces

- If you wish to clean the blocks, you can use a mild detergent if needed.
- The pieces do not absorb water which makes them easy to clean and reduce mold and mildew.
- All products are BPA, Phthalates, latex free and are of course recyclable. Quut believes that creating
a love affair with your favorite toy, means the toy will last you a lifetime. It may even be passed on to
the next generation. Durability to the next level!