Smekkur - Miffy&Snuffy Nougat (2stk)

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A bib always comes in handy! From the moment that your little one takes his or her first bite until they are about 3 years old, you will definitely need a bib. Things don't always stay tidy when it's time to eat, and a lot of the time there will be quite the mess. A bib will protect your little one's clothes, so that your child will be all fresh and clean again after eating. This waterproof bib was made to help your little one enjoy their food even more. The bib is waterproof, has a catch tray for all the falling food, and a practical velcro fastening on the neck. The bib has a cute print from the Miffy theme, with adorable images of Snuffy & Miffy, and it's available in Olive Green and Nougat.