Taubleyjur 70x70 Animals - Nougat (3pack)

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These muslin mouth cloths are practical to use while feeding your baby. The size is very practical and the muslin fabric is soft for the skin. You can easily clean your baby's mouth without damaging the skin. These mouth cloths (also called burp cloths) are very versatile. You can use them to wash your baby during bath time, or tie it to your baby's pacifier as a pacifier cloth.

The mouth cloths are delivered in a 3-pack. You can wash these cloths at a hot setting, so that they will be super hygienic to use again. You can iron them, but it's better not to. Muslin that has not been ironed will absorb more moisture.

- Stærð: 75x75 cm.
- Efni: 100% terry bómull.
- Þvottaleiðbeiningar: Má þvo allt að 40 gráður. Má þurrka í þurrkara. Fylgið þvottaleiðbeiningum.